Cucumber Salad with cultured Sour Cream

One of our absolute favorite parts about fermenting at home, is the ability to completely avoid buying commercially made condiments. So you need some sour cream for a delicious side salad for lunch? No problem. You can choose where your milk comes from and which kind of milk you use, and simply add a sour cream starter.
Enjoy making your own naturally fermented sour cream at home!
The day before you would like some sour cream you will need to prepare it.
To begin you will need a sour cream starter and download your instructions on our downloads page. Clean your kitchen, sanitize your equipment and jar. 
Into a clean jar pour 1 cup of full fat cream; I like to use whipping cream or heavy cream around 35% fat; add the starter to the jar, and allow to ferment 
for 24 hours in a warm place or  at room temperature. Now room temperature varies depending on who you talk to, or where you live. But by definition when it comes to fermentation, most cultures and bacteria prefer to hang out in a cozy 18 degrees Celsius or warmer. If your house is colder than 18 on average, try placing the sour cream somewhere warmer like on top of a furnace vent, on a sprouting mat, in a cupboard, wrapped in a towel, or inside the oven with the oven light on.
I keep my house quite cool at night and so i prefer to use a sprouting mat that I keep plugged in and on inside of a cupboard. The cupboard keeps out sunlight, it helps maintain the temperature and it is were I hide a lot of my different ferments.
Once your sour cream is finished fermenting it should be thick, tangy, and ready for immediate use. But, I do like to refrigerate mine to make it even thicker and to set op for 4-6 hours. Once refrigerated and ready to go, always use a clean utensil only to scoop out the sour cream from the jar. Avoid getting anything in the jar that may cause mold to grow. Don't forget to reserve some of your sour cream you just made for next time so you can make another batch, because I know you will love this salad so much you will be making it again!